At Rapid Locksmiths Wexford, we have been Supplying and Fitting all types of Fire Proof Safes – Cash Security Safes and Underfloor Safes to Retail, Commercial and Domestic Premises for many years. If you are looking for a Fire Proof – Underfloor – Cash Safe – Home Safe – Gun Safe – Drop Deposit Safe – Chubb Safe, or any type or brand of safes, Electronic Digital Hotel safes also supplied – Hi Security Time Lock Safes Supplied —— Call Us Now for a quotation
Brands include Chubb, Sentry, Securakey, Phoenix, Tecnomax, Leigh, Dudley, Rosengrens – Tann – SLS – to name but a few.
Underfloor Safes are Very popular as they are concealed beneath the floor

We can provide various insurance rated Safes ranging from grades 0 to 5,

Grade 0 = €10,000 Grade 1 = €17,000 Grade 2 = €29,000 Grade 3 = €58,000 Grade 4 = €100,000 Grade 5 = €158,000 overnight cash cover

The cash cover or rating on a safe would be the amount of cash an insurance company would Insure against stored in it overnight, for jewellery cover/rating this amount is multiplied by 10 times the cash rate.

The home safes range start at €1500 cash rating and cost from €280.00. The special offer safe is our €6,000 cash rated fire proof safe at €1200.00

We provide a Safe Opening and Repair service all over the south east so if you have broken your safe key or lost it or your Safe just wont open give us a call and we will sort you out

Under Floor Safes

This range of Underground safes offer the highest protection from theft and burglary. By concreting the safe underground protection is greater as forced entry is a very long process. Churchill underfloor safes are recommended by all major insurers in the Ireland and have all been independently tested to the most stringent standards. Choose from insurance approved cash ratings from the Domestic at £4000, the Bulldog and Vector at £6000, and the Sapphire with £10,000, the Ruby at £17,500

Under Floor Deposit Safes

This range of Underfloor safes have a deposit tube to allow the depositing of cash without the need to open the safe door. This type of underfloor safe is widely used in the retail trade, particularly in 24/7 petrol service stations, convenience stores and betting shops where there can be a lot of cash requiring secure protection at all times

With various cash cover are available supplied and fitted on your property with and without deposit shut, we always bolt safes to the floor or wall or both depending on your property

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